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Cures for red face and other symptoms after consuming alcohol are extremely limited due to increasing tolerance for alcohol consumption is not priority to the medical community. There are currently two choices for preventing red face and other symptoms after consuming alcoholic beverages, beer, or wine.

The first facial redness treatment to prevent Asian Glow symptoms is a prescription medicine called Methylpyrazole. Using this drug for treatment or prevention of alcohol intolerance and the associated symptoms after consuming alcohol is still in the experimental stage. Methylpyrazole (4-MP), an inhibitor of Alcohol Dehydrogenase. The main problem with this drug as a facial redness treatment/preventative after consumption of alcohol is the side-effects like nausea, dizziness, and vertigo, that were short-lived in two subjects, but lasted up to 30 hrs. in one subject. Ironic that a possible prescription treatment has side effects that are very similar to the very condition you are attempting to treat. Another factor is the cost per vial is around $1000 making it a non viable solution for the prevention of facial redness after the consumption of alcohol. In addition at this time it is highly unlikely this medication would be prescribed by a doctor for the reasons of increasing tolerance to alcohol. This drug is usually given to a person who has experienced ethylene glycol intoxications (ingestion of automotive antifreeze).

The second facial redness treatment to prevent Asian Glow symptoms is an all natural remedy that requires no prescription. The treatment is called the No Red Face Formula. In 10,000 persons who have used it the No Red Face Formula is reported 100% effective in every one of these individuals. It is a step by step home remedy that the Asian Glow individual would consume prior to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The No Red Face Formula Prevents alcohol related hives, itching, nausea, headaches and dizziness associated with Asian flush, prevents your face from turning red after drinking alcohol (otherwise known as ‘Asian Flush’ or ‘Asian Glow’), and prevents wheezy or restricted breathing and increased pulse rate often associated with Asian flush. A side effect of the No Red Face Formula enjoyed by persons who don't even have the red facial flushing related to alcohol consumption is the increase of the body’s natural ability to metabolize alcohol and reduce the effect of hangovers.

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